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Kitchen Tools That Every Chef Wish They Had Known About Sooner

Cooking is fun, especially when you are trying out a new recipe. But sometimes, it could be challenging, too. Have you ever tried cooking something that is only supposed to take 30 minutes, but it took you 2 hours instead? You probably didn’t have the right tools.

Every task can be made a lot simpler with the help of some equipment. So if you are serious about enhancing your culinary skills and you want to do things much faster, here are time-saving tools that you probably would say, “I wish I had known about that sooner!”:

Taco Holders

Do you love making tacos? If you are one of those chefs who have to serve tacos at least once a week, I highly suggest you invest in taco holders. Yep, there are standup holders that you can use so that it would be much easier to arrange the ingredients of this Mexican recipe. A time-saver, indeed!

Battery-Free Food Scale

Food scales are quite important in the culinary world. You need one to ensure that you are measuring your recipe’s ingredients accurately. But instead of purchasing one that requires batteries, there are brands like Ellesi that are battery-free. With just a simple twist of a dial, it generates its own energy, which makes it eco-friendly. Having this tool allows you to be more accurate with your measurements without having to worry about your scale running out of battery.

Food Processor

The benefits of having a food processor are vast. It is the most versatile kitchen equipment that you could invest in. Having one available in your kitchen will certainly help you avoid spending ages on preparing the ingredients, be it chopping, slicing, or dicing, so you can focus on cooking a dish.

Hand Blender

Aside from the ingredients, having the right utensils is key in order for you to successfully make a certain recipe. For sure, you have basic equipment like a cutting board, spatula, a skillet, and measuring cups and spoons. But have you ever thought of a hand blender, also known as “immersion blender”? It is very useful when making soup, but its use is not just limited to that. Plus, it is very affordable, portable, easy to use, and easy to clean.

Stainless Steel Bench Scraper

If you are into baking, a bench scraper is something that you should consider investing in. There are various names for it, but simply put, it is that small rectangular piece of equipment that is used when working with pastry bread or dough. Yes, some are made with plastic, which might be the one that you have. But if you want to have a long-lasting tool, I highly recommend that you get one that is made with stainless steel. It won’t easily break, unlike the plastic ones.

Silicone Baking Mat

Getting tired of greasing your baking trays before you can use them? Did you know that there is actually a silicone baking mat that would help you avoid that hassle? It is a nonstick mat made out of food-grade silicone and fiberglass. They are eco-friendly, too.

A Set of Prep Bowls

When preparing the ingredients for your recipe, where do you put them? Plates? Saucers? If you have a set of prep bowls, you won’t have to use the dishware that you utilize when eating anymore. They come in various sizes so you can easily pick the best one for the job.

Disposable Piping Bags

Piping bags are very useful, especially when decorating pastries or cakes. But they are very hard to clean. Disposable piping bags, on the other hand, are very convenient. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up because you get a new one each time. They are also inexpensive, and some of them are transparent, which allows you to readily see the color of the icing or if you need to add more.

Pre-Cut Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is a necessity but it could be a real challenge to cut them according to the size that you need. But you should know that there are those that are pre-cut already. All you have to do is to pick the right size.

Electric Griddle

We all love pancakes, eggs, and French toast, but I’m sure you know how long it takes to cook each one at a time. But if you have an electric griddle, you can cook several items at the same time.

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